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CuteUpload Server User Manual

What is CuteUpload Server?
Cuteupload Server is a component that used to receive files from remote client, it supports very large files uploading(> 2G). The client side can be any standard HTML web post page or ActiveX Control embedded in IE browser, like CuteUpload.
What are the features of CuteUpload Server
The following list are the main features of CuteUpload Server:
  • Receive multiple files at once
  • Large files support
Using CuteUpload Server

Step 1: Install CuteUploadServer Package.
Installing CuteUploadServer is pretty straightforward. Just copy the file CuteUploadServer.dll into your application.

Step 2: Insert following configurations in "web.config" file of your project.
    <add name="CuteHttpModule" type="CuteUploadServer.CuteHttpModule, CuteUploadServer" />

If you are using IIS 7, you should add below configurations in "web.config" file:
    <add name="CuteHttpModule" type="CuteUploadServer.CuteHttpModule, CuteUploadServer" />

Step 3: Use classes which provided by the component in your expected pages.

Step 4(optional): If you change uploading temporary directory, you need to add a hidden <input> element which name is "Cute_Upload_TempPath" in your client html page and set the value with temporary directory you designated. For example.
<form name="form1" id="form1" action ="AspNetSample.aspx">
  <input type="hidden" name="Cute_Upload_TempPath" value="c:temp" />

Where to Get Help
For more information on CuteUpload, including licensing, please visit the web site For general and sales info, please write to For technical support, please write to

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