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CuteUpload 1.5 Programmer's Manual

What is CuteUpload?
CuteUpload is a client-side ActiveX control used to upload files from a user's machine to web server or download files from web(HTTP or FTP) server, it conforms to the RFC1867 Form-based File Upload in HTML standard. The purpose of CuteUpload is to overcome numerous limitations of purely browser-based upload solutions. With CuteUpload,user can upload files to the server from a web page viewed by Microsoft Internet Explorer, from a custom application built with Visual Basic, Visual C++ or any other platform supporting ActiveX.

As a common technical reason, the ActiveX controls can only be used with containers supporting ActiveX. CuteUpload does not work on FireFox or Netscape browsers as they currently do not support ActiveX. CuteUpload can only be used on Win32 platforms such as Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP. It will not work on Macintosh or Linux machines at the moment.

The CuteUpload 1.5 control uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 WinInet API. Therefore, CuteUpload requires that Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ be installed, even if the control is used in containers other than IE.

What are the features of CuteUpload 1.5
The following list are the main features of CuteUpload 1.5:
  • Upload/download multiple files at once
  • Drag & drop, copy & paste and multiple file selection
  • Fully support of Unicode
  • Integrated upload and download features in one control
  • Recursive folder selection
  • File upload/download progress bar showing uploads/downloads of each files and overall progress
  • "Time left, time elapsed, transfer rate, upload/download progress bar and upload/download percentage" indicators
  • Redirects browser to another page upon completion of an upload
  • Supports basic and NTLM authentication
  • RFC1867-compliant
  • Works under SSL
  • User friendly interface, with toolbar and right click pop up menu supported
  • Allows a default folder for file selection
  • Allows custom file filters for the "Select Files" dialog
  • Allows set limit of file number, size and extension before upload begins
  • Fires events for client-side JavaScript, VBScript and VB apps to handle, simple interaction between JavaScript, VBScript and the CuteUpload Control
  • Allows change property settings on the fly
  • Works in "silent" mode without displaying error messages
  • Allows displaying a reply from the server
  • Supports non-file HTML form elements
  • Allows form validation upon file upload
  • Free server PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP .Net and Java server side file upload code works well with CuteUpload
  • Can be embeded into your Windows/Web application
Limitations of Form-based File Uploading

With regular HTML form based file upload, the HTML code contains Tags like: <FORM METHOD="POST" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">. This form must contain one or more items of the HTML Tag <INPUT TYPE=FILE>. The RFC1867-compliant browsers display such items as regular text boxes with the button "Browse..." next to them. Clicking the Browse button opens the standard Choose File dialog box which allows the user to select a file for uploading. The limitations of form-based file uploading as following:

  • The "Choose File" dialog does not allow multiple selections
  • To upload multiple files at once, the HTML form must contain multiple <INPUT TYPE=FILE> tags, each file needs to be selected individually
  • A folder cannot be selected for uploading
  • Default values for the file names can not be pre-set (the VALUE attribute is ignored for <INPUT TYPE=FILE> tags)
  • There is no progress bar
  • There is no way to set a default directory to select the files from
  • There is no way to specify file filters to be displayed in the Files of type drop down list of the "Choose File" dialog
  • There is no way to put a limit of the size and number of files being uploaded before uploading begins
  • There is no way to force users to select files with certain extensions
  • Aside from the file path, browsers do not send any information about the files being uploaded, so the file dates cannot be preserved
  • Uploading cannot be performed in a batch process
All these limitations can be overcome with the help of the CuteUpload control
By default, the CuteUpload setup program will create the installation folder {CuteUpload Edition Name} under \Program Files\Eversun Software\ directory. There are Bin, Examples, UserManual folders under the installation folder. Make sure all the folders have been successfully created and not empty. If necessary, re-install it.
Using CuteUpload with Internet Explorer

When used with IE, the CuteUpload control runs inside an HTML page on a client machine. The HTML page must reference the control using the <OBJECT> tag, a sample as follows:


Please refer to the follow CLASSID and CODEBASE values for different CuteUpload editions:

CuteUpload Edition Control Name CLASSID CODEBASE (CuteUpload cab file name)
English Free Edition Upload Control 8036B0D5-7572-443c-ACA0-620FBCC3F718,5,3,6
Download Control DD2E58C6-116C-47F9-AC1F-D3CA8E6FFA87
Chinese Free Edition Upload Control 83E02F64-9A42-4057-BD05-29CCE71FFB2F,5,3,6
Download Control 17A59C49-139F-4CAF-A64A-FD9E99E1C460
English Commerial Edition Upload Control 3F7B8083-E290-4CBE-8361-2C15370BBF2E,5,3,6
Download Control BB16B79D-1308-4315-8764-2B77914F94FF
Chinese Commercial Edition Upload Control 3B763152-F47B-4CE4-9149-1ABCAE77BB7E,5,3,6
Download Control D8C2CE52-F42E-44CB-96BE-CACBBBB3900E

Since CuteUpload runs on client machines, it does not need to be registered on the Web server but it does need to be placed in a virtual directory together with HTML pages it is referenced by so that the browser, after coming across the <OBJECT> tag, can download the CuteUpload cab file to the client machine and register it there.

The WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes of the <OBJECT> tag define the size of the control inside the page. The ID attribute identifies the CuteUpload object so that it can be used by client-side VB Script. The CLASSID attribute specifies the CuteUpload control's globally unique identifier (GUID) which the browser uses to create an instance of the control. The CODEBASE attribute specifies where the CuteUpload cab file resides relative to the current HTML page.

If you put the CuteUpload sample files under the sub-folder: "cuteupload" of your local HTTP web server, and the port number of your web server is 80, you may open the URL http://localhost/cuteupload/simple.html with IE to run the demo. If the CuteUpload cab file has not been registered on your machine, you should see a dialog box similar to this one:

CuteUpload Installation Screen shot

The CuteUpload cab file was digitally signed to provide proof that the control you are about to install on the machine really came from Eversun Software, Corp., and that it was not changed during transmission. Click "Install" to have the browser install the control on your computer.

You should now be able to see the control inside your web page. It looks like a regular Win32 list control with three columns: Files, Size and Type. Right-click anywhere inside the control. A pop-up menu appears with five menu items, "Select Files", "Select Folder", "Remove Selected", "Remove All" and "Upload".

The Remove Selected, Remove All and Upload items are grayed out when there is no files selected. Choose Select Files to open the standard "Select Files" dialog box. Choose a few files and click OK. The selected files appear in CuteUpload's list control with their respective icons, size and type information. We can now remove any or all files from the list by highlighting the appropriate items, right-clicking inside the control and choosing Remove or Remove All. We can also sort the items alphabetically, by size or type by clicking on the Files, Size or Type headers, respectively.

CuteUpload Free Edition Screenshot

At the very minimum, you must supply values for two CuteUpload properties: Server, Script. The Server property specifies the address of a destination web server, such as "localhost" or "". The Script property is the path to an upload script on that server, such as "/sample/cuteupload_server_script.php". These two properties together serve the same purpose as the ACTION attribute of an HTML POST form. If the Server property value is not localhost nor, then the LicenseKey property must be supplied with correct value that matches your Server property. To apply for the License Key, you need to input correct domain name of the server when you download CuteUpload from www.cuteupload; if you intent to change the LicenseKey due to the change of server name, please contact CuteUpload support team.

NOTE: All the CuteUpload samples installed on your machine use the value "localhost" for the Server property and "/cuteupload/<script name>" for the Script property. Please change these values accordingly.

The properties of an ActiveX control can be specified using <PARAM> tags placed between the <OBJECT ...> and </OBJECT> tags, for example:

 ID="CuteCtrl" CLASSID="CLSID:8036B0D5-7572-443c-ACA0-620FBCC3F718" CODEBASE="">
<PARAM NAME="Server" VALUE="localhost">
<PARAM NAME="Script" VALUE="/cuteupload/cuteupload-php-file-receive-script.php">

This sample uses the PHP upload script cuteupload-php-file-receive-script.php included with the CuteUpload control. To define the folder for the uploaded files, you need to assign value to the TARGET_DIR variable in the script, you should make sure this directory exists or edit the script to specify a different directory.

Select a few files again and perform upload action. A dialog box with two progress bars appears. Once the upload is complete, a message box titled "CuteUpload" pops up:

Server Replay

The text inside the message box came directly from the server and was generated by our upload script. We will see shortly how to make CuteUpload redirect the browser to another page upon the completion of an upload.

CuteUpload can be configured not to display the Reply from Server message box by setting the ShowServerReply property to False as follows:

<PARAM NAME="ShowServerReply" VALUE="False">

If you choose to do so your application may need to provide some other means to report server replies to the user, such as handling the ServerReply event (see section Handling Events.)

Browser Redirection
With CuteUpload 1.5, the browser can open a different web page upon the completion of an upload that would display the upload results. To archive that effect, two server scripts are necessary: the first one works as a regular upload script, and the second does nothing but display the HTML output generated by the first script. The following additional parameters (besides the required Server and Script) configure CuteUpload to perform the redirection:

<PARAM NAME="RedirectURL" VALUE="http://localhost/cuteupload/showreply.php">

If the RedirectURL is null string, the browser will not relocate to other page.

<PARAM NAME="AutoRedirect" VALUE="True">
The AutoRedirect property, if set to True, instructs browser redirect to another page after upload if the server feedback a redirect response. If it is set to false, after uploading, the browser will not redirect no matter what the server's response is. This feature helps lots of file uploading application in many special circumstances.

CuteUpload live demo at

Customization and Populating default upload/download file list

Source parameter is used to define the initial file list in the control. CuteUpload can be configured to populate its file list automatically upon loading. You can add as much as item you want by using HTML code. The formation is SourceN(1..N), and the N should be continual and started from 1. The initial file list to be uploaded can be defined in the HTML script as following demo:

<param Name="Source1" Value="C:\file1" />
<param Name="Source2" Value="C:\file2" />
<param Name="Source3" Value="C:\file3" />


There are two parameters in download control. SourceN is used to define the source URL of the HTTP or FTP source. DestinationN is used to define the destination folder or filename the file should be stored in client's local storage. N should be continual and started from 1. It is the same to initialize the download url list in the download control:

<param name="Source1" value=" hills.jpg" />
<param name="Destination1" value="C:\" />

<param name="Source2" value="" />
<param name="Destination2" value="C:\" />

<param name="Source3" value=" lilies.jpg" />
<param name="Destination3" value="C:\" />

<param name="Source4" value="" />
<param name="Destination4" value="C:\" />


The sample file download_demo_en.php demonstrates this feature.

Configuring Select Files for Uploading Dialog

An important advantage of CuteUpload over a purely browser-based solution is being able to specify the "Select Files" dialog's default directory and file filters. The corresponding properties are DefaultFolder and FileFilter. The usage of the InitDirectory property is straightforward:

<PARAM NAME="DefaultFolder" VALUE="c:\My Documents\Reports">

The FileFilter property accepts a list of pairs separated by the pipe character ( | ). Each pair defines a verbal description for a filter and the filter itself which may contain one or more wildcards separated by a semicolon (;). The two values in the pair are also separated by the pipe character. For example,

<PARAM NAME="FileFilter" VALUE="Images (.gif;.jpg)|*.gif;*.jpg|Documents (.doc)|*.doc|All Files|*.*">

Here we specify three filters. The first filter has the verbal description "Images (.gif;.jpg)" and consists of two wildcards, *.gif and *.jpg. The second filter has the description "Documents (.doc)" and is defined by the wildcard *.doc. The third filter is "All Files" with the wildcard *.*.

Setting Limits on Files Being Uploaded
CuteUpload enables you to impose certain restrictions on the files being uploaded, so that the files not meeting the restrictions are rejected before an upload begins. The restrictions are set via the properties MaxFileCount, MaxFileSize, MaxTotalSize and Extensions. The MaxFileCount property, if set to a non-zero value, limits the total number of files selected for uploading. The MaxFileSize property, if set to a non-zero value, places a limit on the size of individual files (in bytes). The MaxTotalSize property, if set to a non-zero value, sets a limit on the total size of files selected for uploading (in bytes). These three properties are 0 by default. The Extensions property can be used to specify a list of acceptable file extensions. For example,

<PARAM NAME="MaxFileSize" VALUE="50000">
<PARAM NAME="MaxTotalSize" VALUE="200000">
<PARAM NAME="MaxFileCount" VALUE="10">
<PARAM NAME="Extensions" VALUE="gif,doc,jpg">

The Extensions restriction is enforced at the time of adding a file to the list. The other three restrictions are enforced at the time when CuteUpload is instructed to start an upload (via the user interface or Upload method.) An attempt to upload a set of files not meeting the MaxXXX restrictions results in an error message being displayed by the control.

Handling Basic Authentication and SSL
When CuteUpload attempts to upload to a server protected by Basic Authentication, it displays a dialog box asking the user for his/her username and password which are then sent to the server. You can use the Username and Password properties to specify default credentials that will be used by CuteUpload. If these credentials are valid, CuteUpload will go ahead with uploading and no login dialog will be displayed. If the credentials are rejected by the server, CuteUpload will display an error messagebox.

If the server requires a Secure Socket Layer connection (SSL) you must set the EnableSSL property to True, as follows:


Using Client-Side VBScript
You may customize the appearance and behavior of CuteUpload on your Web page using client-side VBScript. The following code disables the control's popup menu and creates four buttons with the same functionality as the menu's items:

Sub CuteCtrl_UploadFinish()
MsgBox("upload finish")
End Sub

Sub CuteCtrl_UploadProgress(filepercent, overall)
End Sub


<OBJECT WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="250" CODEBASE=",5,1,0" ID="CuteCtrl" CLASSID="CLSID:8036B0D5-7572-443c-ACA0-620FBCC3F718">
<PARAM NAME="Server" VALUE="localhost">
<PARAM NAME="Script" VALUE="/cuteupload_server_script.php">
<PARAM NAME="Port" VALUE="80">
<PARAM NAME="MaxFileCount" VALUE="30">
<PARAM NAME="MaxFileSize" VALUE="524288000">
<PARAM NAME="MaxTotalSize" VALUE="524288000">
<PARAM NAME="EnablePopupMenu" VALUE="True">
<PARAM NAME="DefaultFolder" VALUE="C:\">
<PARAM NAME="FileFilter" VALUE="All Files|*.*">
<PARAM NAME="EnableRedirect" VALUE="True">
<PARAM NAME="RedirectURL" VALUE="showreply.php">


Another example of operating CuteUpload with VBScript can be found in the sample file Buttons.htm.

File Lists Operation via Javascript/VBScript

You may need to save some file related information. The upload control can provide this feature via FileList's FileItem Interface.

First, you can get FileList object from the upload or download control. Then

var object = document.getElementsById("CuteCtrl");
var fileList = object.FileList;
for(i=1; i<=fileList.Count; i++)
var fileItem = fileList(i);
... // You can now access
... // fileItem.Path; fileItem.Name; fileItem.Caption; fileItem.Comment
... // for the specified file item;

For VBScript:

Set items = CuteCtrl.FileList
For Each item In items
... // You can now access
... // item.Path; item.Name; item.Caption; item.Comment
... // for the specified file item;

Another example of operating CuteUpload with VBScript can be found in the sample file Buttons.htm.

Uploading Non-File Form Items
It is often necessary to upload additional information together with the files, such as a text description. In browser-based uploading, this is handled by adding non-file items to the HTML form, for example:

<FORM METHOD="POST" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" ACTION="UploadScript.asp">





CuteUpload 1.5 is capable of collecting all non-file form items from an HTML form hosted on the same page and uploading these items along with files. The property FormName is used to specify the name of the form, as follows:

<OBJECT ID="CuteCtrl"
<PARAM NAME="FormName" VALUE="MyForm">

<FORM NAME="MyForm">
... other form items

Click to see a sample that demonstrates Non-File Form Items support in CuteUpload.

Populating Customized Form Items Into CuteUpload

CuteUpload has a feature to enable use to add a HTML form item by using any kind of server-side scripting language. Using the name/value pair parameter, CuteUpload will send the customized items to server upon the file uploading.

  CuteCtrl.AddFormItem(name, value)

Set Upload Files' Form Field Name

In some circumstances, server code may need the specified file uploading form field name related to file. For example, PHP code can use this kind of method: form['filefield']['name'] to access the uploding file's name. By default, CuteUpload specified the file fields' name in this way: fileN(N: 0...N). User can specify the field name by setting FormFieldName and FormFieldStartIndex.

There are two type of name you can specify:
value="file": posted with a name for each file.
value="file[]": posted with a name array for all the file. File fields the server code will see go like this: file[0], file[1].... At the mean time, you can specify the FormFieldStartIndex for the start index of the array.

<param name="FormFieldName" value="file[]" />
<param name="FormFieldStartIndex" value="1" />

In this way, user can post file identification information upon uploading files.

Handling Events(VBScript)

CuteUpload fires events on every major occasion such as the beginning and end of an upload, addition and deletion of files, sorting, errors, etc. With the help of VBScript, your web page can handle some or all of the events. The following example replaces the default Reply from Server message by handling the CuteCtrl_UploadFinish event:
Sub CuteCtrl_UploadFinish()
  MsgBox("upload finish")
End Sub


 ID="UploadUpload-Free" CLASSID="CLSID:8036B0D5-7572-443c-ACA0-620FBCC3F718" CODEBASE="">
<PARAM NAME="ShowServerReply" VALUE="False">
<PARAM NAME="Server" VALUE="localhost">
<PARAM NAME="Script" VALUE="/cuteupload/uploadscript.asp">


Another example of using CuteUpload events can be found in the sample file Progress.htm. It demonstrates how to build a custom DHTML-based progress bar by tapping into the CuteCtrl_UploadProgress and CuteCtrl_WaitingForReply events.

For the complete list of events supported by CuteUpload, see Object Reference below.

Handling Events(JavaScript)

You can also handle CuteUpload's event via javascript.

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
function CuteCtrl_ItemSelected(filename)

  alert("you have choose the file: " + filename )

 ID="UploadUpload-Free" CLASSID="CLSID:8036B0D5-7572-443c-ACA0-620FBCC3F718" CODEBASE="">
<PARAM NAME="ShowServerReply" VALUE="False" />
<PARAM NAME="Server" VALUE="localhost" / >
<PARAM NAME="Script" VALUE="/cuteupload/uploadscript.asp" / >

<!-- define the event operation of the control using javascript -->
<!-- ServerReply event -->
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript FOR=CuteCtrl EVENT="ItemSelected(filename)">


Object Reference

CuteUpload Properties
Property Name Type (Access, Default value) Comments
Server String (RW) Specifies the address of the server where the files are uploaded to.
Script String (RW) Specifies the upload script on the Server.
EnableSSL Boolean (RW, False) Specifies whether the server expects a SSL connection.
Port Integer (RW, 80) Specifies the TCP//IP port on the server to connect to. If not specified, ports 80 and 443 are used for regular and SSL connections, respectively.
Username String (RW) Specifies the default username in case basic authentication is enabled on the server.
Password String (RW) Specifies the default password in case basic authentication is enabled on the server.
ShowProgress Boolean (RW, True) Specifies whether the progress bar should be displayed.
EnablePopupMenu Boolean (RW, True) Specifies whether a popup menu should be displayed if the control is right-clicked. If an application chooses to set this property to False, it must provide some other means to invoke the Select, Remove and Upload commands.
ShowServerReply Boolean (RW, True) Specifies whether CuteUpload should display the Reply from Server message box with the text returned by the upload script.
DefaultFolder String (RW) Specifies the default directory for the Select Files and Select Folder dialogs.
AutoCloseDialog Boolean (RW, True) Specifies whether the progress dialog should be closed automatically when upload finishes.
FileList Files Collection (R) Returns a collection of File objects. Each object represents a file on the control's list. The File object supports the following read-only properties: Path, Size, Index (0-based) and Selected (indicates whether the file is highlighted in the list.)
FileFilter String (RW)

Specified the file type filters for the Select Files dialog in the form of a list of pairs separated by the pipe character ( | ). Each pair specifies the verbal description of a filter and the filter itself as a list of semicolon-separated wildcards. The elements in a pair are separated by the pipe character as well. For example,

"Images (.gif;.jpg)|*.gif;*.jpg|Documents (.doc)|*.doc"

ShowErrors Boolean (RW, True) Specifies whether CuteUpload should  display error messages. If set to False, no errors will be reported. In this case an application may need to handle the Error event. 
MaxFileCount Long (RW, 0) Specifies the maximum allowed number of files. A zero value indicates no limits.
MaxFileSize Long (RW, 0) Specifies the maximum allowed size of individual files. A zero value indicates no limits.
MaxTotalSize Long (RW, 0) Specifies the maximum allowed total size of files. A zero value indicates no limits.
Extensions String (RW) Specifies a comma-separated list of allowed file extensions. An empty string indicates no limitations.
TotalFileSize Long (R) Returns the total size of selected files.
FileCount Long (R) Returns the number of selected files
ServerReply String (R) Returns a reply from server once an upload is complete.
FormName String (RW) Specifies the HTML form name hosted on the same page. CuteUpload will automatically scan this form and upload all non-file items from it along with files.
EnableRedirect Boolean (RW, False) Specifies whether CuteUpload should redirect the browser to the URL specified by RedirectURL upon the completion of an upload. Only effective when CuteUpload is hosted by IE, but not VB. If Redirect is True, CuteUpload will REDIRECT to the specified URL
RedirectURL String (RW) Specifies the redirect URL after finish upload
Version String (R) Returns a string representing the current version of this control, for example "".
ConfirmRemoveAll Boolean (RW, True) Specifies whether a confirmation dialog box should be shown by CuteUpload before remove all operation to allow cancel.
ShowDefaultMessage Boolean(RW, True) The default message will be shown by default, no default message will be shown if it's set to false
CheckForm Boolean(RW, False) If CheckForm is set to True, will fire form onsubmit event before the upload action. The onsubmit event needs to return False, and the upload action need to be invoked in Javascript.
LicenseKey String(RW) LicenseKey property is mandatory if your server domain name is not localhost or; LicenseKey will be emailed to you when you download free edition or make purchase of commerical edition through CuteUpload website.
SourceN String(W) Populate the initial files to be uploaded.
FormFieldName String(W) Specify the form field name upon the file uploading. There are two kind of value you can use: "file" - specify a name for each uploading file; "file[]" - specify a name array for all the uploading files.
FormFieldStartIndex Short Integer(W) If the FormFieldName field specify a name array for uploading, you can specify the start index of the array.

CuteUpload Methods

Method  Name Arguments Comments
Upload N/A Has the same effect as choosing "Upload" from the popup menu. Causes the upload process to begin.
SelectFiles N/A Has the same effect as choosing "Select" from the popup menu. Causes the Select Files dialog to come up.

This method must not be called if CuteUpload is used as a server component.

SelectFolder N/A Has the same effect as choosing "Select Folder" from the popup menu. Causes the Select Folder dialog to come up.

This method must not be called if CuteUpload is used as a server component.

RemoveFile Index As Integer Removes a file with the zero-based index specified by Index from the file list.

This method must not be called if CuteUpload is used as a server component.

RemoveAll N/A Invokes the Remove All command. Clears the file list.
AddFile Path As String Adds a new file to the file list.
AddFolder Path As String
Optional Recursive = False
Adds all files contained in Folder to the file list. If Recursive is set to True, also adds all files in sub-folders recursively.
DisplayProperties N/A Causes the CuteUpload property sheet to come up. 

This method must not be called if CuteUpload is used as a server component.

Stop N/A Programmatically stops an upload. Calling this method is equivalent to pressing the Stop button on the progress bar.
RemoveSelected N/A Has the same effect as choosing "Remove" from the popup menu. Causes all highlighted items on the file list to be removed.
AddFormItem Name As String
Value As String
Populate a user defined form item to the cuteupload control by using client-side script code.
RemoveFormItem Name As String Remove a specified user defined form item from the cuteupload control which is added to the control by using AddFormItem method.
RemoveFormItems N/A Clear the user defined form items list, in which all the files added by using AddFormItem will be clear.

CuteUpload Events

Name Arguments Comments
Sort Column As Integer Fired when the file list is sorted. If Column is 0 the sorting is by File name, otherwise the sorting is by size.
AddFiles Number As Integer,
Size As Long
Fires when files are added to the file list. Number specifies the number of files being added, Size specifies total size. 
RemoveFiles Number As Integer,
Size As Long
Fires when files are removed from the file list. Number specifies the number of files being removed, Size specifies total size.
UploadStart N/A Fires when the upload process starts.
UploadFinish N/A Fires when the upload process ends, but before a reply from the server is received.
UploadProgress FilePercent As Integer,
OverallPercent As Integer
Fires to indicate the upload progress. FilePercent is an integer between 0 and 100 that specifies the progress of an individual file. OverallPercent is an integer between 0 and 100 that specifies the overall progress.
WaitingForReply N/A Fires right after all files are uploaded but before a reply from the server is received.
UploadFile FileName As String Fires right after a file is opened to be uploaded. FileName specifies the file's full path.
ServerReply Reply As String Fires when a reply is received from the server. Reply specifies the text received.
Error Code As Long, 
Description As String
Fires when an error occurs. Code can be one of the following values:

1 - Max files count is reached for free version
2 - Max files size is reached
3 - Total files size is reached
4 - File extension error
5 - File can not open.
6 - Duplicate file
7 - Did not set server property
7 - Did not set script property
7 - Did not find server script
8 - Max files count is reached
-1 - Unknown error
101 - Open session failed
102 - Open connection failed
103 - No Internet connection
104 - Open request failed
105 - Add HTTP header failed
106 - Send request failed
107 - End request failed
108 - Response failed

Common WinInet Errors and Trouble-shooting
Error: 12029
Meaning: "Cannot connect."
Solution: Make sure the Server and Script parameters are correct and the network connection is functioning.

Error: 12030
Meaning: "Connection Aborted."
Solution: This error usually means that CuteUpload's SSL parameter does match the SSL settings of the server. Check whether the server requires an SSL connection, and if so set the SSL property to True. This error may also mean that the specified script cannot be found on the server.

Where to Get Help
For more information on CuteUpload, including licensing, please visit the web site For general and sales info, please write to For technical support, please write to

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