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About Us

CuteUpload is a client side file upload component designed and development by EversunSoft - Eversun Software Corporation.

Having been worked on web application development for almost a decade, we have experienced lots of troubles in developing and using web based file upload functions with the traditional html form based file uploading. One of the most frustrations is that you can only select one file at a time, and uploading a large number of files is very hard for user.

With CuteUpload, anyone can upload files through web browser with very user friendly interface, and it simplifies the file upload steps. Simply using drag&drop, Copy&Paste, the build in toolbar or right click menu, you can select a bunch of files for uploading, then with a simple click, the upload process will start automatically.

CuteUpload is a revolutionary file upload component, our goal for building CuteUpload is to ease the file upload for anyone who wants to upload files through web browser.

Our targeting customers are individuals, small to medium sized companies as well as enterprises with the need of simplifying file upload operation on the web browser. With the strong consulting and custom software development experience, our R&D department would be happy to help you doing any customized development, or integrate CuteUpload component into your existing web based application.

Please feel free to contact us should you have the need of any additional services.

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   CuteUpload Developer
   CuteUpload Professional
   CuteUpload Enterprise
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   CuteUpload Free Edition
   CuteUpload Developer
   CuteUpload Professional
   CuteUpload Enterprise

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